Roland De Winter (° Wetteren, Belgium, 1948)

Training and expertise

  • Graphic arts, mosaic, stained-glass windows and monumental drawing; graduation project – copperplate engraving (St. Lucas Higher Institute of Art, Ghent, 1967-1970)
  • Monotyping, intaglio printing and silk-screen printing (Sint-Niklaas Academy, 1989: master class with Joseph Zirker, USA, and Liz Panett, GB)
  • Image processing: Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator (self-taught)
  • Ecological etching (self-taught)


Educational work

  • Graphic arts: relief printing and etching (St. Lucas Higher Institute of Art, Ghent, 1977 to 1996)
  • Techniques of Book Illustration (Plantijn Genootschap, Antwerp, from 1995)
  • Teacher training (St. Lucas Higher Institute of Art, Ghent, 1996 tot 2005)
  • Research into ‘DKO’ , part-time art education, in Flanders, and subsequent publication (1999)
  • Member of the ‘DKO’ inspection team, commissioned by the Ministry of the Flemish Community (2001 to 2005)

Commissioned publications

  • “Nieuwe Antieke Verhalen” (New Classical Stories), commissioned by CANON, the Cultural Unit of the Flemish Ministry of Education (2002)
  • Under Cover 6 (graphic magazine, special ‘Black and white’ thematic issue): monograph about the work and vision of Roland De Winter (2002)
  • “Illustratietechnieken” (Techniques of Book Illustration), commissioned by the Plantijn Genootschap, Antwerp, as part of the Antwerp World Book Capital, 2004 celebration. This book will be available in English in 2007.
  • “Metamorphosis Naturalis” commissioned by Stadsbibliotheek Antwerpen, 2007 (Antwerp City Library, project “Antwerp Animalized”) Chapter on historical book illustration techniques, particularly on the life of animals, in exhibition catalogue.
  • “Metamorphosis Naturalis” Classical techniques of illustration in Natural History Books. Published by the Antwerp Library (project “O dierbaar Antwerpen” 2007)

List of exhibitions and personal publications 

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